I started paperfinger out of a love for writing by hand.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Paperfinger offers custom alternatives to traditional calligraphy, handwriting and illustration. I provide handwritten and illustrated work for everything from weddings and events to keepsakes and custom projects. I can work with you to develop a personalized font and design; or you can choose from any of the samples in my portfolio.

Hand-drawn words and designs stand-out in every context. An artfully-addressed letter in your mailbox; a hand-written logo or product label; an invitation crafted from the touch of ink to paper—handwritten work inspires an undeniable response.

I also bring a calm and friendly demeanor to my work and interactions with clients. Planning weddings and important events can be a very stressful experience, so I try to make the Paperfinger process relaxing and enjoyable.

Please contact us (hello@paperfinger.com) to discuss how Paperfinger can customize something for you.

- Bryn Chernoff

The word paperfinger refers to the small lever found in antique typewriters that holds the paper in place on the platen (roller).
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